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Finding out that you have skin cancer can be overwhelming and you may not be sure what the next steps might be. Skin cancer isn’t a journey that you have to embark on alone. Your dermatologist can explain what the next steps may be, which is often Mohs surgery. Mohs surgery removes cancerous cells from your skin until they’re completely gone and you’re free of Basal Cell or Squamous Cell Carcinoma. This surgery is usually fairly simple, is performed in our office and you will go home afterwards. The idea of surgery can be a lot to deal with, which is why you should understand what Mohs surgery is and how it can benefit you. Keep in mind that Mohs Surgery is only utilized on certain areas of the body, as allowed by insurance, and when appropriate.

What is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is a procedure in which your doctor removes thin layers of skin, called “stages” and examines each stage for cancerous cells. Some larger cancers may require as many as 4-5 stages to clear and you will wait in the waiting room between each stage while the tissue slides are prepared and examined. Once your dermatologist determines that there are no cancerous cells left, the surgery is over. This surgery is very effective and reduces the risk of that Basal Cell or Squamous Cell Carcinoma recurring at that area again.

Mohs surgery only requires a local anesthetic and you will go home the same day. The surgery can vary on time and will depend on how large and complex your cancer is, you may be in the office for as much as 4-5 hrs. This surgery is a meticulous process and can help ensure that a minimal amount of tissue is taken and the cancerous cells are removed.

Recovery is typically a simple process because of how precise Mohs surgery tends to be. You may need stitches or a skin flap to close the site and your dermatologist will choose the best method to ensure minimal scarring will occur.  Occasionally a very large lesion may be left to heal on its own or patients may be referred to a Plastic Surgeon if necessary, sometimes that is determined prior to the Mohs Surgery in discussion with the patient.

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