Nail Fungus

Nail Fungus

Nail Fungus services offered in Las Vegas, Mesquite and Pahrump, NV

Nail fungus is a common condition, affecting 10% of people in the United States at some point during their lifetime. Though you can find treatments for nail fungus at a pharmacy, these types of infections are hard to treat. The team at Mohave Dermatology offers top-notch nail fungus treatments. For expert care, call the office in Las Vegas, Mesquite, or Pahrump, Nevada, or schedule a consultation online today.

Nail Fungus Q & A

What is nail fungus?

Nail fungus is a nail disease caused by a fungal infection. The team at Mohave Dermatology calls this type of infection tinea unguium or onychomycosis. 

A nail fungus may affect the fingernails or toenails. This type of infection usually gets into the nail from a crack in the nail or the surrounding skin.

Anyone can develop nail fungus, but it’s more common in older adults.

What are the symptoms of nail fungus?

Nail fungus affects the look and shape of your nail. With this type of infection, you may experience nail discoloration or thickening of the nail.

Your nails protect the skin on your fingers and toes and are made up of layers of keratin, a protein type. Healthy nails have a consistent color and smooth texture. Any changes in the look or feel of your nail may indicate a nail disease or fungal infection.  

Other symptoms you may have with a nail fungus include:

  • Nail soreness or pain
  • Yellowish streaks
  • Bleeding around the nails
  • Nail pitting
  • Foul-smelling nails
  • Separation of the nail from the nail bed

If you have these symptoms, schedule a consultation with the experts at Mohave Dermatology.

What can I expect during a nail fungus consultation?

You can expect a comprehensive and patient-centered exam when you visit Mohave Dermatology for help with your nail fungus. The team has treated thousands of people with nail disease and offers sound advice and effective treatments. 

During your visit, your dermatologist examines your nails. They also perform a nail scrape, taking a sample of your nail tissue to send to the lab to determine the cause of your infection.

What treatments can clear up nail fungus?

The Mohave Dermatology team customizes your nail fungus treatment plan based on the underlying cause of your infection. Treatments that might clear up your nail fungus include oil and topical antifungal treatments.

For customized care for your nail fungus, call Mohave Dermatology in our Las Vegas office at (702) 628-5333, for our Mesquite office call (702) 346-5510, and for our Pahrump office call (775) 727-0900 or schedule your consultation online today.

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